Change Things Up This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! If you are a woman, you might feel as though you should be on the receiving end for this holiday. However, that is not the case! Men appreciate the recognition, care, and love that comes from Valentine’s Day as well (even if they complain or appear disinterested). Get creative this year and don’t fall into the traditional flowers and chocolate routine. Whether it is you or your partner that normally plans for this day, consider ways for you to participate and have fun! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Express Gratitude. The simple act of sharing with your partner the things about them you are grateful for is important. Valentine’s Day is about expressing love and appreciation. What do you appreciate about your partner and how can you show them that?

Write a love letter. This might be a bit old school but is much more personal than the traditional flowers. Write your partner a letter. You might even include the things that you are grateful for in the letter itself. My partner and I used to do this for one another when we didn’t have the money to go to a fancy dinner and continue to hold on to these letters to this day.

Cook something new together. Given the state of the world today, going to dinner may not feel like an option. That’s okay! What better thing to do than cook your favorite meal together. Find a way to make it fun or spice things up? Do you like to make pizza? Add your partner’s favorite dessert or shape the pizza into a heart.

Reflect on your relationship and dreams for the future. Valentine’s Day can be a great time to just talk about your relationship, how you met, and the things that you loved and continue to love about them. Pour each other a glass of wine and dream of the future together. Talk about what life might look like in 5 years and the hopes and dreams you have together.

Get outside your comfort zone. Consider engaging in a new experience together or join your partner in one of their interests. Do you tend to dislike board games but you know they are your partners favorite? Try joining them just this once. This shows that you are trying to care about something important to them and that goes a long way.

Plan a spa night and give a massage. Take time to pop in a movie, relax on the couch, and give your partner a massage, a simple message of care and love. You can even get a bit fancy and buy some cucumbers and bath ropes for the full experience.

Take some responsibility off your partner. Does your partner often take charge on bath nights with your little ones? Are they the ones to make dinner or do the shopping? Consider how you might take something off their plate and allow them space for self-care.

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