New Year, New Relationship Goals

It’s that time of year again. A quick flip of the calendar and we are now at the start of 2021. I am sure many of us are taking a deep exhale as we move past some of the stresses of 2020. For many, focusing on relationship growth and progress was forcibly pushed to the side. You may have had kids at home learning online, job transitions or losses, or many other hardships that led to distractions away from uplifting your relationship. That’s okay! You are not alone.

With this new year comes a time for reflection, honesty, and goal-setting. How are you doing in your relationship with your partner? How are they doing? Are you feeling disconnected, removed, or like you are barely getting by? Through this pandemic, I have heard almost everything. Some couples are flourishing with the increase in time at home with one another. For others, this has been the biggest hurdle. It’s time to take ownership for your part.

Sit with your partner and take time to discuss the past year. What would you like to see change moving forward? What things do you and your partner have control over? You may not be able to change the fact that you are both working from home for example. However, maybe you can respect one another’s work space more. Start the process off by thinking in terms of the major aspects of your personal lives: parenting, health, work, etc. Spend some time processing the past year and what you want to accomplish together in each area of your life this year.

Have compassion for yourself, but also for your partner and consider their own unique struggles and challenges. How can you support them more this year? Remember, building a healthy relationship is never something you check off your list. Hit pause, reflect, and adapt to new changes you foresee coming your way this year.

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